Freemen of the London Borough of Islington of the LPKQS
Chaity No 1091098

About Us


Thank you for logging on to the pearly king and prince of Finsbury's site. My name is John (pearly king)  and my sons name is Darren (pearly prince) and we are both proud to be members of the non profit charitable organisation of London pearly kings and queens society charity number 1091098.

I am also a proud ex member of her majesty's armed forces (army) of which we attend many military events around London supporting their events.


The London pearly kings and queens society attend many events all over London and the home counties We also attend lots of sheltered homes bringing a few of the old cockney songs for a good old fashion sing A long and knees-up

You can find us collecting for the charities that we support as a society on our public events page. We also do many talks around London and the home counties on the pearly kings and queens. We have also had the pleasure of doing many photo-shoots and appearing on various television programme's we have also carried out lots of corporate events to make the visitors to London feel welcome in our capitol city

Although my wife in her own right come from a costermonger family 'Coopers' from St Pancras she doesn't wear the buttons she is a loyal and true supporter of our society and what we stand for.

I was born in the London borough of Finsbury (Not Finsbury park) and it was the pinnacle of my life when a great pearly king 'Arthur Rackley' the pearly king of Upminster presented me his family title of Finsbury because it was owned by him. We will honour and care for this title and maintain the motto of our society.




Would you like to join the Pearly Kings and Queens Society family?

The Pearly Kings and Queen’s Society are a hardworking group of people who primarily raise funds to help London and Home Counties charities.

This is done purely voluntarily and in all weathers.

The funds are raised through various means: Regular Street collections, entertaining in pubs, clubs and private functions, corporate work e.g. meet and greet and occasionally television appearances.

The members of Pearly Kings and Queen’s Society receive absolutely no monetary recompense for their time or for their wonderful buttoned outfits which they make themselves and wear with pride.

Every existing member of the Pearly Kings and Queen’s Society has come to the society with a proven record of fundraising and/or good works to the community as well as some coming from a costermonger/ Pearly family

In return you will join a friendly and supportive diverse group of people. You could also be undertaking memorable and historic events in and around London

All new applicants will have an initial interview. If that is successful then the aspiring pearly will also undergo an ‘apprenticeship’ before being fully accepted into the society to see if they are fit and upstanding people, good with the public and giving their time to the best of their ability.

If you fit the criteria above and think you can contribute to the age old traditions of The London Pearly Kings and Queens then in the first instance please email Gwen Jones on: with your CV letter explaining why you wish to join us and what you can bring to the Society.       

Polite Legal notice on Slander

Our books are open to scrutiny as they are for the charity commission   

Defamation can take twOur books are open to scrutinyo forms, which are generally referred to as libel and slander. Libel is defined as a defamation of a person, group, organization, product, government, or country that was made in written or printed words or in pictures. Slander is the same thing, except the defamatory statement was made in the form of spoken words, sounds, sign language, or gestures. 

Part history of Finsbury park

During the early part of the second quarter of the 19th century, following developments in Paris, Londoners began to demand the creation of open spaces as an antidote to the ever-increasing urbanisation of London. In 1841 the people of Finsbury in the City of London petitioned for a park to alleviate conditions of the poor. The present-day site of Finsbury Park was one of four suggestions for the location of a park. Originally to be named Albert  park, the first plans were drawn up in 1850 Renamed Finsbury Park, plans for the park's creation was ratified by an Act of Parliament in 1857. Despite some local opposition, the park was opened in 1869.  

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